Well, I’m a frakkin’ idiot.

I thought the BSG premiere was on at ten, and apparently it was on at nine. So from nine to ten I was walking around my house vacuuming up cat hair when I could have been, oh, I don’t know, WATCHING THE DAMN PREMIER??? I think it will repeat sometime this week. Dammit!

EDIT: Sci fi had the whole show online.

Anders as a vipor pilot? Do me!

The president is back to being a pissypants.

Love how Baltar was just aquitted from being on trial for genocide and he is all judgemental about the Baltarcult’s living quarters. That’s so like Gaius!

Glad someone actually remembered Zack Adama.

Lee is just going to work for the government? Was there an interview process? Did he submit a resume? You would think that the government was kind of in shambles right now considering all that’s happened. But no, the beauracratic positions are still in tact. I am sure the ship has an IRS on board.


3 thoughts on “Well, I’m a frakkin’ idiot.

  1. Damn! There must be a “fail” pic for that somewhere :P

    Since I live in the UK, I rapidshared it (I always buy dvds of shows I like though, so I’m an honourable pirate). The episode is damn good, pre-credits in particular. Hope you catch it soon, maybe on Hulu which I can’t access from here?

  2. Was the “Baltarcult” as you called it supposed to be living on some out-of-the-way corner of the Galactica? I find it implausible there would be such a place. On the other ships, sure, but Galactica? Otherwise, I thought it was a really great season opener. I love how the new cylons are developing their awareness of who they are.

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