The Watchmen


I am really speechless after reading this. Fantastic. A superhero story that is aware of the implausability of superheroes. A comic within a comic. Campiness but seriousness. Alan Moore is a genius. A fucking crazy egomaniacal genius.

Of course, there’s a movie coming out and of course I already hate it. However, Zack Snyder is doing it, who directed the awesome Dawn of the Dead and 300. Despite not liking 300, he did stay true to the original graphic novel. Although pictures of the characters already have me doubtful- all of them look like they were redesigned to be “sexier”. And I am not sure if he is going to keep some of the campiness that is in the book. Some things that worked in the book (Dr. Manhattan exiled to Mars) can work in a comic form, but maybe not in a movie.


3 thoughts on “The Watchmen

  1. This is absolutely one of the greatest comics out there. It’s a shame they’re turning it into a movie – proof that nothing is sacred.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it…have you read Black Hole? That is maybe my second favorite to Watchmen. They’re of course turning that into a movie as well, but I have a little more hope for it as David Fincher is slated to direct. Here’s hoping…

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