pop culture updates

Homophobic remarks on late night talkshows really piss me off. Why just those? There are homophobic remarks made all the time on tv. Ugh. I think it is because David Letterman and Jay Leno are so desperate for laughs they’ll do anything despite who it offends. And they’re so fucking ignorant and out of touch. And they don’t even write their own shit! Dave prefers calling people “androgynous freak shows” and Jay asks guests to give their best gay face. At least Ryan P. took the high road and wouldn’t so it.

SBC Cohen is out and about filming the Bruno movie and I for one am extemely excited. One, I find Bruno to be the funniest among his three main characters. Two, anything to see SBC in tight pants.

Is anyone else totally over the Getting Over Sarah Marshall ad campaign? This movie seems way overrated and pretty sad. And also obnoxious. Behold, in the BART station:


I love Berkeley! Someone (not me) wrote this:



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