battlestar thoughts

Wow. Just wow. Maybe this season is going for sensationalist storylines, but it has me hooked.

Yay for Callie for actually gaining some character development and maybe even a spine. Thank you for recognizing the fact you married Tyrol after he broke your jaw. Still can’t tell if Tyrol really did love her and why he even did marry her. Sad to see her go, especially by the hands of Tori….which brings me to…

Tori was kind of one of the only kickass female characters who actually used her brain. Since becoming a cylon, she’s become a seductress machine using sexual tactics to get what she wants. What the fuck? Is that a result of cylon programming or just bad writing?

I really want to see more of the Demetrius mission. I am surprised all those key players went with Starbuck- I thought she was going alone – what if there is an attack? Are there any vipor pilots left on Galactica? And enough with the I-love-you/I-hate-you drama with Anders and Starbuck. Their borderline rape scenarios are starting to bug me. The relationship drama on this show reall gets in the way of the good stuff.

I can’t figure out Lee’s character sometimes. One second he is in support of someone and then he is trying to shred their character. First it’s back and forth with defying his father’s orders and now it’s taking down the president? Make up your mind, daddy’s boy.

Besides this stuff I fucking love this show and I am going to have to take a day or mourning after the season finale.


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