Amanda Lorber, please be my bff.

Watched The Paper again tonight and think Amanda is fantastic and has great eyeware. The rest of the staff are ungrateful brats who sit around gossiping about her when she is trying to do a good job. Good, let them be miserable. I’ll bet Amanda will be an RA when she gets to college.


8 thoughts on “Amanda Lorber, please be my bff.

  1. i like amanda too. you can kind of tell she is an only child though. i see her doing great things in the future.

  2. omg. I just stumbled upon this show tonight… I cant stop watching. Its a lame show, but amanda…. wow. She is the exact opposite of me, im not organized, im the worst at grammar and spelling, and shes bossy.

    Shes everything ive ever looked for in a woman. It will be all i can do to not think about her tonight. Lol i dont fall for women i know, and i dont know why i have such strong feelings for someone who lives thousands of miles away.

    If she ever finds this.
    Please find me.
    I would love to talk to you.

  3. I hate that this bitch is getting all the puplicity, while me and everyone else do all the work. i hate that bitch she remindes me of my last boyfriend, and i used to suck him up very nicly too. But that’s besides the point I hope a-man-da burns in HELLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

    bay babe 4 life :)

  4. Anyone know the student population at the school that is jewish? The teacher of the class is a jewish woman, she made Amanda the editor in chief, the second person was a jewish guy and at least one other editor was as well. If the school is 50% jewish that is cool and the gang, but if its more like 5% and all the goys got shafted by the teacher…I would be pissed if I was one of them.

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