a big fuck you to poor people

I can’t think of a better way to come back than to share my thoughts on the SATC movie. I have to admit, I found myself more entertained than I thought I would. However, I found myself throwing my hands up in disgust every once in a while. Thank god I was sitting near the back.

– I am sooooo sick of the Carrie/Big drama. What did she fucking expect? Has Carried WATCHED the show?

– Where is all this money coming from? I thought Carrie still owed Charlotte 30 grand! And the way they throw it around- like leaving $500 shoes around and forgetting about them, it was like a big fuck you to poor people.

-This movie is another example of the “magical black person role” THe St. Louis who swoops in and gives advice. For reference, see Morgan Freeman in about every movie he is in.

-Samantha, shut up and close your legs. It is not cute.

-Sometimes Sarah Jessica can look totally gorgeous and other times hideous. And sometimes she looks like she is dressed like an escaped mental patient. Or a grown up version of Claudia Kishi.

-Do any of these bitches have jobs anymore?

-That penthouse apartment gave me a real estate orgasm.

-Since when did they ever pick on each other about their weight? That was one thing that was never in the show.

-Despite all the moaning and growning about men, it was nice to see that their friendships with each other were the central point of the movie. That is one good thing.

You know, I really can’t find the mass appeal of the show. I actually see it as two different series. The first one being seasons one through three, which was almost film like a comic book. The characters were quirky, almost parodies, and there was sharp dialogue. Carrie and the others were pretty strong-willed and confident. Starting with season 4, they tried to make the characters “grow up” and gave these comics babies, marriage, cancer, divorce, and drama. That didn’t work for me- I liked the silliness of it all. If I wanted real life drama I wouldn’t be watching this. And in the end, Carrie became a shrill, pushover 13 year old. I miss the times when they went dancing on Staten Island and dated the freaks and Carrie was on the cover of New York magazine looking haggard.

Anyhoo, the previews were hilarious, because it assumed that the audience were women who worship Tyra Banks and read Danielle Steele novels in the bathtub. The preview for this movie is so ridiculous it is like an SNL parady of itself.


6 thoughts on “a big fuck you to poor people

  1. Yaaay. You’re back. I sorta agree with your review. Carrie and Big — excuse me, John James Preston — deserve each other. And the materialism in this movie was out of control.

  2. Hurray! RZH is back!

    I agree with your review too. When Carrie pulled out the Louis Vuitton bag to give to Louise, half the audience gasped in delight. I wanted to gag.

  3. That bad was pretty hideous. It wouldn’t go with anything. I guess that’s the point. How about that wedding dress montage though? That was the most gratuitous fashion moment in film history (and I loved it).

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