nothing important

Dammit! I missed Swingtown on Thursday. Was it good? Was Grant Show hawt?

Have you heard NKOTB’s new song? The lyrics are fucking ridiculous. I mind Jordan and Danny the most attractive now. What has Danny Wood been doing for the last 20 years?

For the love of Christ, I think it’s judgement day. That could be the only explanation that someone would greenlight Miss Conception. Where to start? Heather Graham with a British accent. Homophobic “jokes”. Trite trailer music. Sexual assault played for comedy. It’s like Species, except it’s not scary. Except that it is.


6 thoughts on “nothing important

  1. We watched Swingtown. And we liked it. The ’70s look is very fun, and not overdone. Grant Show and his wife are the naughty couple–which means they’re the most fun and have the coolest most ’70s-esque home.

  2. Swingtown was really bad. The soundtrack dominated the show (as did the annoying pop up advertisments for X-FM) instead of illustrating it and helping the mood. The acting was awful and one of the main couple’s conversion into swinger-dom was too easy. There’s a reason this is a summer series.

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