Weeds S3

I loved the first season of Weeds, I was lukewarm about season 2, but season 3 really has lost me. In the beginning, I felt it was a smart commentary on upper-class suburban life and a mother trying to provide for her children. By season 3, it’s turned into an over-the-top, cops and robbers mess of a show. There is a new zany plot twist every second. Mary Louise Parker, who is on her own awesome, was charming and cute without trying. Now it’s like she knows it and she has to do something “adorable” all the time. I remember she once saud that she wanted a job that would help her maintain her lifestyle, but if she is so much in debt now, maybe she can sell one of her many designer outfits? Her Chloe handbag must be worth at least $2500. The whole think with Zooey Daschanel and her Alaskan bounty hunter boyfriend was the jump the shark point for me.



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