July 4

I finally feel like I can look forward to the Fourth of July. Usually whatever I do I don’t enjoy or I never really have good plans. I don’t even particularly like acknowledging the holiday, but luckily I am doing fabulous things. One is seeing Tron at the Castro theater, and for my brother’s sake, I am going to try to understand it. That night, a midnight showing of Showgirls with a pre-show by Peaches Christ. Finally, I have found an outlet for people who love (hate) that movie as much as I do. Bonus: Marty and Penny from the film will appear! Should I dress up like Nomi?


One thought on “July 4

  1. Ooooo, showgirls! I just saw “Showgirls: The Best Movie Ever Made, Ever” at the UCB Theater here in LA, and it was amazing. You should dress like Nomi only if you want to get arrested for soliciting. ;)

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