Passport to great perkiness

So I’ve been watching the Travel Channel and expecially Passport to Great Weekends. It’s kind of dumb, I admit, but I do like the concept- experiencing a whole city in one weekend. And the ever-so-perky Samantha Brown usually does stuff that’s unique and not totally touristy.

She’s like Rachael Ray and Jessica Wakefield’s illegitamite love child. She struts around screaming “I’m so adorable” and flirts shamelessly with every guy she meets in every town. ANd they make it seem like she just happens to meet all the cool people in the city and they want to hang out with her. Um, perhaps it’s because she has a camera crew with her? And there always has to be a shopping-fashion montage with her modeling clothes. Ugh. But I like it anyway.


2 thoughts on “Passport to great perkiness

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