since I’ve been gone

Well, lots happened since I last updated. Personally, well I won’t get into much personally, but I did get a promotion and am moving to Oakland. Exciting! I will live in an adult apartment away from students.

  • I saw The Dark Knight and was very underwhelmed. Let the hate begin.
  • I have cared 0% percent about the elections. Let the hating begin.
  • I watched Dexter Season 2 and was totally sucked in. How good is a show that makes you side with the serial killer? The suspense was good, not cheesy, and we saw a “human” side of Dexter. Michael C. Hall needs 20 Emmy Awards.
  • Starting watching Skins on BBC America, and it’s touch and go for me.
  • Along with The Dairi Burger, started a Little House on the Prairie blog, because I can’t get enough of blogs.
  • Started writing about The Hills for; that show is so fun to hate.
  • Read a ton, but more about that later.

In my new place, if I lean out my balcony, I can see a palm tree. Barely. Now I really feel like I am living in California.


2 thoughts on “since I’ve been gone

  1. We were underwhelmed by The Dark Knight too. It was just too much. Like a constant sensory overload, which isn’t very enjoyable. Last weekend we saw Man on Wire, which was really cool. I highly recommend it. Your new neighborhood looks really nice.

  2. So what’s the verdict on “Skins”? Did you enjoy the rest of the season? In reference to an earlier post by you… yes, “Skins: Volume 1” is finally out on DVD in the US.

    I’m working with BBC Video to get the word out about the release and was wondering if you’d be interested in sharing about it on your blog. In any case, I have some more info about the show you might be interested in… shoot me an email if you’re curious.


    Liz Teschler
    American Pop

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