New feature! Really bad movies: I Know Who Killed Me

I don’t seem to have any patience for any movies lately, but somehow I am fascinated with horrible movies, or movies that everyone hated. It’s like slowing down to watch a car accident. I am fascinated as to why someone committed it to the big screen and thought it would be okay to release it.


I don’t know why this was made. Actually, I do. It was because Lindsay wanted a venue where she could do a stripping scene and a horrible sex scene. And it looks like she got her moves from amateur porn. Sadly, an Out Hud song was used in this. I’ve lost a little respect for them.

So how bad was it?

It’s not like it was horrible, it was just a bunch of random scenes spliced together. The plot, if you can call it that, is that some stripper alcoholic had twins and wealthy parents bought one of them. And some killer was after one of them and put her in a box underground. But the stripper’s daughter is thought to be the other gal and thought to have amnesia. And….yea, other stuff happens. Not at all scary.

Coming up: Jaws: The Revenge, Gigli, Made of Honor


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