Really bad Movies: Made of Honor

John put it best when he said: “It’s like someone threw rom-com scenarios into a bowl and picked out 5 and then spun a globe and picked whatever location they landed on and then gave it to high school students to write the script.” Best Friend Fall in love when best friend gets engaged? Wacky pairing of womanizer and nerdy girl? Check. Unrealistic portrayal of life in New York City? Wedding Hijinks? Check. Wedding involves family of a different culture and hilarity ensues? Double Check.

Firstly, Patrick Dempsey is supposed to be 32. 32 my ass! He and the love interest, Hannah, meet in college when he climbs into her bed at night after a party and sexually molests her. Fun! You’ve got your potpourri of gender norm jokes, homophobia for comedy’s sake, the overweight bridesmaid trying to fit onto her dress as a subplot, and bad slapstick. Hannah is supposed to be the smart, educated girl, but of course she falls for the rich guy because he’s well, rich. She is swept away by Lucius Vorenus and they have a wedding in Scotland where they can then show the word Scottish people.

She knows that Lucius is not for her when at the rehearsal dinner, he won’t let her have a bite of his chocolate cake. And of course at the last minute, which means right when she is at the altar, she changes her mind and goes with Patrick Dempsey. Big surprise. I sometimes am embarrassed with the cavalier attitude that these movies have towards weddings; it’s a like a big fuck you to gay people in that we can just have weddings and call them off willy nilly.

So how bad was it?

Let’s just say that Patrick Dempsey decides to go for Hannah when he realizes that he is able to say I love you to a dog. Then he steals a horse to go crash the wedding.


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