Bill maher is a dick.

I eagerly went to see Religulous, although I knew it would be preaching to the choir. However, I was squirming the whole time. Mostly because of Bill Maher. Sad thing is, I kind of agree with him, but he is such a smug asshole about it. Everyone he interviewed, he would ask them a question, and then not even let them answer the question! I do appreciate a good debate, and although I also agree that believing the bible is truth, there are people out there that can rationally explain their beliefs, and even if he allowed those people to be in the documentary, he wouldn’t let them talk. His goal was to humiliate everyone he talked to, not have a conversation. And Bill, you’re really not that funny.

I think his idea that people are just crazy for believing religion was also totally privileged, White and easy for him, because he denounces religion, his family isn’t going to disown him or worse, have him condemned to death. I think most non-American fundamentalists don’t wake up and actively CHOOSE their believes, but they are socialized into it and don’t exactly have the luxury of turning away from it. Do you think a younf Muslim girl is going to one day throw off her head covering because she one day decides that having a religion and a moral code so embedded into her life is ridiculous?

There are also several, perhaps millions of Americans who believe in faith perhaps to have a set of morals and to find a community. Not saying that’s something I’d be into, but that is a totally different thing than believing the bible is truth. And he totally ignores that. And every time he turned to the camera and rolled his eyes during an interview, I wanted to punch him. He represents the kind of smug liberalism that I hate.

But anyway, my foray into studying about religions has made me think about how people who have “found God” are generally happier people, maybe? I’m miserable and an atheist, so maybe if I found a religion I wouldn’t be so miserable all the time. However, what is making me happy is ultimately an illusion, so is that better?

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% atheist and I do believe all our emotions and connections and behaviors and being is the result of biological chemicals in our brain.

However, I so want to visit the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. The Romans breaking out into song as they crucify Jesus totally sold me.