Bill maher is a dick.

I eagerly went to see Religulous, although I knew it would be preaching to the choir. However, I was squirming the whole time. Mostly because of Bill Maher. Sad thing is, I kind of agree with him, but he is such a smug asshole about it. Everyone he interviewed, he would ask them a question, and then not even let them answer the question! I do appreciate a good debate, and although I also agree that believing the bible is truth, there are people out there that can rationally explain their beliefs, and even if he allowed those people to be in the documentary, he wouldn’t let them talk. His goal was to humiliate everyone he talked to, not have a conversation. And Bill, you’re really not that funny.

I think his idea that people are just crazy for believing religion was also totally privileged, White and easy for him, because he denounces religion, his family isn’t going to disown him or worse, have him condemned to death. I think most non-American fundamentalists don’t wake up and actively CHOOSE their believes, but they are socialized into it and don’t exactly have the luxury of turning away from it. Do you think a younf Muslim girl is going to one day throw off her head covering because she one day decides that having a religion and a moral code so embedded into her life is ridiculous?

There are also several, perhaps millions of Americans who believe in faith perhaps to have a set of morals and to find a community. Not saying that’s something I’d be into, but that is a totally different thing than believing the bible is truth. And he totally ignores that. And every time he turned to the camera and rolled his eyes during an interview, I wanted to punch him. He represents the kind of smug liberalism that I hate.

But anyway, my foray into studying about religions has made me think about how people who have “found God” are generally happier people, maybe? I’m miserable and an atheist, so maybe if I found a religion I wouldn’t be so miserable all the time. However, what is making me happy is ultimately an illusion, so is that better?

Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% atheist and I do believe all our emotions and connections and behaviors and being is the result of biological chemicals in our brain.

However, I so want to visit the Holy Land Experience in Orlando. The Romans breaking out into song as they crucify Jesus totally sold me.

34 thoughts on “Bill maher is a dick.

  1. Wow. It’s like you stole the words right out of my mouth. This is why I haven’t seen this yet. The most annoying, least interesting (and least funny) thing about Real Time With Bill Maher IS Bill Maher. He’s a smug jerk. I am also an athiest and a liberal and often find myself agreeing with Maher in priciple, but just hating myself for it since he’s such a womanizing arrogant ass most of the time.

    His comedy is decidedly UNfunny, and his bash of religion is TOTALLY privledged. He’s rich, white, and male in America – what the hell does he need faith for? Nadda that’s what. I hate agreeing with the guy and cringe when it happens, which is unfortunately frequently.

    My boyfriend is dying to see Religulous and I’m interested, even though reading your review pretty much gives me the foresight to see how I’m going to feel about it after the fact, but we’ll probably end up going, and like you I’ll probably end up squirming in my seat the entire time.

    Damn Bill Maher and his similar views to mine. What a dick.

    • Maher’s behavior is not surprising when you consider that his views mirror the same bigoted, self congratulatory moral superiority he’s so lamely attempting to expose in his work. Just another example of hypocrites trying to pawn off their mongoloidally (not a real word, I know)stupid insecurities as the “new salvation”. Just another messiah in a can, in other words.

  2. Since you’ve reduced yourself to nothing more than a chemical reaction, what makes your life more valuable than a can of pop? Why look upon other people as anything other than a can of pop? Why limit yourself with ethics since whatever you can get away with is perfectly legitimate? Sure, you can decide to live what you believe is a moral life, but then you’re just limiting yourself for no good reason.

    Yes, Bill Maher is a dick, and I’m glad to see people of his own ilk see it, too.

  3. Bill is chiding the repubs for wanting to repeal obamacare using the sole point that it will be denying sick kids of benefits. It is a typical liberal ploy which for any ignorant puke to fall for is plain idiotic. It is about people leaching off of other people. If he was so true to his philosophy, he would fund a health care kitty for all the non-taxpaying scum that will benefit from this. Bill is a hypocrite of the highest standing and I will not subscribe to HBO for that reason. I wouldn’t give him a f’n dime of my hard earned moneyd which he seems so generous to donate to non-working, undeserving, lazy pieces of crap!

  4. By the way, I heard Bill maher sucks cock and loves to have his AIDS infested lovers SPLOOGE all over his smug cock sucking face

  5. I’m glad someone said this. I’m not religious but have long since stopped referring to myself as an ‘atheist’ since that would be throwing my lot in with this clique of utter wankers, of which this cunt is one of the best examples.

  6. Bill Mahr sucks. He is NOT funny, NOT a good comedian. NOT intelligent. He is pissed off because he is NOT good looking and chicks ignored him until he became famous because he got cancelled…a POS poser If ever there was one.

  7. Yes, but the fact that Islam treats young girls so badly is one of the things he’s ultimately trying to target. I agree he’s too smug. I think all professional skeptics are too smug. I think they find cutting edge physics (like quantum non-locality) as something they knee-jerk try to reject. What they really want is a common sense, ninth grade biology class reality.

  8. Yes if you are an atheist it is not kind to mock or make fun of someone’s religion. When you believe in God you believe your whole life’s existence is because of him. No doctor scientist or Bill Maher can take you away from it. You said is it better because it is an illusion? When you have a relationship with God and true faith you do not believe it is an illusion at all. For instance my grandmother as she was close to her death would say she sees children that we could not see and she said hey where did Mom go. Doctors say oh she’s just having hallucinations but to us we believe she was crossing over which gave us all peace. To me I would rather be wrong believing that God didn’t exist than wrong that de did. Plus what fun or happiness come from believing we are just going to die and our lives meant nothing. I have always had nothing but wonderful things happen for me and been brought out by the toughest times. So it is hurtful when atheists like Bill Maher mock when something we believe has been so giving and loving. It is like someone beating up an old lady or molesting a child. So I just say be respectful of others beliefs. That goes for believers to. Some religious people may think they are better or more holy than others. As religious people we are supposed to welcoming and kind. So both sides need help actually reading the bible because that is what is true!!

  9. bill marah knows nothing , if you take this dime store hack as intelligent i have a bridge in brooklyn to sell you , recently mahar said republicans won on peoples hate of citizen obama , and let’s face facts obama has been the worst race baiting president ever . if i here one more time about unemployment being lower that’s mahar obama and the rest of the liberals counting on your stupidity . unemployment not down but their benefits have run out after two years . and obama sold your kids futures to china to inflate the fed reserve to prop up the stock market . no bill you dumbass piece of shit the democrats lost because of their lame war on women campaign . glad they did though because i’m sick of paying for lazy people to have cell phones .

  10. I’m an atheist myself, but I can’t stand Bill Maher. Dawkins, Hitchens (peace be upon him), Dennet, Randi, thumbs up from me. But Maher is down there with PZ Myers in my book. He makes a (relatively) good point about Islam, but yeah, not allowing people to answer what you ask is stupid. And is it me, or is the ending a bit along the lines of Fox News/Daily Mail?

    Also, his attitude to male sexual abuse victims is repulsive, but that’s a side note, really.

  11. I think maher has a huge hard on for religion, that’s why he can’t stop talking about it. All the classic symptoms of repression. He’s the perfect candidate for a death bed conversion.

  12. Bill Maher is largely uninterested in anything anyone besides Bill Maher has to say. He’s from the school of thought that says “smirking, supercilious derision constitutes an argument.” When you have to ask questions loaded for Kodiak, interrupt someone when they’re making their point, and mutter a Parthian shot under your breath before moving on to the next topic, you’ve undermined your own argument for everyone watching who possesses a modicum of critical thinking ability.

  13. Bill Mahre has always been used to being the smartest guy in the room and he used that in a bad way in this documentary which annoyed me.

  14. I can not look at this fucking leprechaun. That smirky grin needs to be slapped off his gay looking cheesy face. He is not near funny. Just a self centered all about me fuck! Big mouth flapping when no ones around but a sissy girl when its time to face an opponent. Go mop the back room. Now that would be funny!

  15. See his interview with Stephen Colbert for more evidence that he is a total prick.

    He couldn’t control the interview and he didn’t like getting interrupted, which he regularly does to others, so he just sulked.

    I am also left leaning and agree with some of his views, but an asshole is an asshole, and he is just about the biggest smug asshole on television.

    Why does anyone watch his show on HBO? Blows my mind!

    • He’s a little man with a big mouth all these comedians thinks there something Dennis Miller he is a sucks too

  16. The ironic thing is the pathetic wanker comes off as a fundamentalist which he proclaims to be so against. Oh, and don’t forget Bill’s favorite debate techniques: speaking over people ie louder means you’re right. Oh, and sprinkling his verbal diarrhea diatribe with utterances such as the word ‘fuck’ for effect. The guy’s a walking asshole.

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