Things that annoy be about the show Lost

I’m back to blogging, thanks for some inspiration from The Chris Show. My goal is to do a list per day.

Today: Things that annoy me about the show Lost.

1. There are still supposedly like 40 or so survivors, ann they are all just extras. Are we supposed to think that all that matters is the lead characters? No one wants to step up to0 them and tell them to stop hogging the spotlight?

2. They are always able to track someone through the jungle based on if one leaf is out of place or something. They’s been stomping around for weeks, you don’t think it could be an old set of tracks?

3. Kate has like a billion tank tops.

4. No one complains about their period. Can you imagine your time of the month on a hot beach with no bathroom?

5. Kate chooses Jack over Sawyer? Have you SEEN Sawyer?

2 thoughts on “Things that annoy be about the show Lost

  1. Glad you’re back adhoc. You’ve been missed. A list a day will keep me so exicted…well I just don’t really want to talk about the inappropriate level of excitement I feel about that.

    I’m with “e” above, your music reviews and insights are much missed as well.

    That said, even though I laughed out loud to your “Have you SEEN Sawyer?” bit I totally prefer Jack to Sawyer. I don’t know, I just don’t like long hair and I do have a thing for boyscouts…rather than the whole “rascal with a heart of gold” thing, which I find kind of tedious…maybe because I read to many comics and they love that bit.

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