people that are requesting my facebook friendship who I have denied

1. A college professor, who I was never really that close with. I’m weirded out. Does he really need to see my daily status updates about my ibs?

2. Someone from high school who I barely talked to then. Why the hell would I want to see pics of their bachelorette party in Atlantic City?

3. Someone I don’t know who perhaps knows me from reading my blog. Ok, it’s flattering, but since I have ognored it three times and they keep persisting, doncha think they could at least tell me who they are?

4. My neighbors. I kind of want to remain a mystery to them.

5. The executive director of my department at work. Uh, great to see he’s down with the young people, but do I really need the person who signs my paycheck to see the hundreds of pics of my cat?