The Watchmen


I am really speechless after reading this. Fantastic. A superhero story that is aware of the implausability of superheroes. A comic within a comic. Campiness but seriousness. Alan Moore is a genius. A fucking crazy egomaniacal genius.

Of course, there’s a movie coming out and of course I already hate it. However, Zack Snyder is doing it, who directed the awesome Dawn of the Dead and 300. Despite not liking 300, he did stay true to the original graphic novel. Although pictures of the characters already have me doubtful- all of them look like they were redesigned to be “sexier”. And I am not sure if he is going to keep some of the campiness that is in the book. Some things that worked in the book (Dr. Manhattan exiled to Mars) can work in a comic form, but maybe not in a movie.

Daniel Clowes is messed up but I love him for it

I’ve been continuing my foray into graphic novels by reading some Daniel Clowes. He is most known for writing Ghost World, which the movie was based on. And you all should know by now that I WORSHIP THE CHARACTER OF ENID. Please tell me I remind you of her even if you don’t believe that.

The movie is pretty awesome and one of the best adapatations of a previously written work that I’ve seen. The novel is fantastic and is really original, and quite touching I might add (the movie also makes me cry).

Then I read David Boring, but the storyline is way out there, whereas Ghost World is a pretty staightforward narrative. It goes from the character being obsessed with his cousin, to an end of the world scenario, to a murder mystery on an abandoned island, to a lesbian kidnapping a lover, to stalking, but all in such a naturalistic tone that the story seems natural. I hear this one is also being turned into a movie, but good luck. I’d be interested in reading more stuff. I love the drawing style.

just read


Continuuing on my graphic novel quest, I’ve finished V for Vendetta. Wow. No words. The story was amazing, set in a future world (1998, but it was written in the early 90s) anf many themes and fantastic drawing with really intense scenes. I don’t think I want to see the movie, it will definately not be good. Next up, The Watchmen by the same author, soon to be a watered-down Hollywood movie.

Grimm Fairy Tales

I heard about the Grimm Fairy Tale Comics at WonderCon, and I was intrigued. I think the idea of updating fairy tales is a intriguing idea, and I am not talking about the sapfest Enchanted. Making it more dark and sick like the original Grimm Brothers intended. Well, I got a volume of the first series of issues and what crap. It kind of promotes the stereotype that comic book artists are nerdy guys who could never get girls so they have to draw them. The women in there are ridiculously slutty and porn star like and strut around with inecessarily skanky outfits. With the dumbest stories- like in Little Red Riding Hood, the woodsman was so in lust for LRRH that he turned into a flesheating wolf because she drove him insane with lust. Like it’s Red’s fault for being so slutty. It makes the Sleeping Beauty series seem like Shakespeare (not likeI’ve read them….)

I think Cinderella is going to get some serious back problems trying to run away with that chest:

The Wicked Witch shops at Frederick’s of Hollywood and at Rave.

Um, yea.

Heterosexuality is so gross sometimes.