flsd dress

Fantastic. I’ll take 4 in pink please. Although the blond child in the bottom right corner is going to come and kill me in my sleep.


“I have black friends and I’m voting for Obama!”

I’d like to shake this man’s hand for being both socially aware and hilarious.


This abuse makes me ill.

I’ve gone on record saying that horses scare the bejeezus out of me, but this is such a gross display of disregard for animals I’ve heard about in a long time. Maybe the euthenasia was what was best for the moment, but WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU USING HORSES for entertainment to begin with? Animals are not put here for the sole purpose of entertaining us and making money for us. And if I read anything lauding this horse as a hero for the game, I’m gonna go postal.

I feel like joining the ALF toute suite.


Why is everyone more famous than me?

But seriously, Chris is the official PBS blogger. Put that in your rss feeds, bitches.


the nytimes is serious journalism, people

And the movie section profiles how Hollywood is trying to make so-called chick flicks marketable to men. How about they stop making utter and complete shit?

Are these the meanest girls or the dumbest girls?

I also got the new Ladytron album. Suck on THAT!



Humorous Pictures

Jezebel has been making LOLlosts, which have also made my day.