singles you should know


When Poison ruled the world…and my pants. It’s painful to watch Rock of Love now, knowing what once was.


The Von Bondies

I am luh.ving. the new EP from THe Von Bondies, We Are Kamikazes Aiming Straight for Your Heart. It’s weird because it sounds totally different from their original stuff, which was very bluesy. With each release, they sound more and more and more traditional indie rick. That could be bad, but they do it well. In the sea of musical mediocrity, it is nice to hear a release (albeit only 4 songs) where it is riprocking awesomeness the whole way through. It sounds like Interpol meets The White Stripes.





just ’cause

Some random good songs.

the-strokes-new-york-city-cops.mp3 (The Strokes b-side)

05-tropicana.mp3 (Ratatat)

tell-me-this-night-is-over.mp3 (The Ark)

08-make-your-own-kind-of-music.mp3 (for all Lost fans)

2-06-strawberry-fields-forever.mp3 (the only good song from Across the Universe)

02-i-want-to-hold-your-hand.mp3 (another one)

06-going-to-pasalacqua.mp3 (one of my favorite Green Day Songs)

08-jar-jason-andrew-relva.mp3 (Green Day)

We should be dead.

I’ve been hating music lately, and I’ve even resorted to listening to Cyndi Lauper’s greatest hits because I am bored with all my crrent music. One band that has stood out for me is the Irish band We Should Be Dead. Not of the pretentious noise-pop hipster stff, it’s just a throwback to pop and bbblegum music, played on indie instruments.

I’ve uploaded the album “Forget Romance, Let’s Dance” here but I’m taking it down in a few days.


I really was trying to ignore the band MGMT, and now I have let my guard down and this album really should have been in my top ten of 2007. I have tried to not like it because I actually know the band. Not that they could pick me out of a lineup, but I have interacted with them when they went to school at a place a I used to work. I found them to be stand-offish and a little bit hipster elitist. (Exhibit A) The one guy was shirtless and wearing a fur stole, for one. But, their stuff is just too good to resist. Their album Oracular Spectacular is a perfect blend of radio-friendly pop melodies, electronica and quirkiness. These two songs are the best on the album. You’ll want to listen to “kids” on a loop. I did.