good cover

Another good cover song that drags me out of my misery:

Asobi Seksu; “And Then He Kissed Me”


some good songs right now

You can either right click and save as, but wordpress also has a cool feature where if you put your cursor over the link, a window will pop up where you can play the song automatically. If you like anything, I can get you the whole album. Maybe.

04-silas-knife.mp3 (THE APPLESEED CAST)

06-dont-let-me-get-me.mp3 (PINK)(UMMMM YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT)

01-kissing-families.mp3 (SILVERSUN PICKUPS)

03-dj-dj.mp3 (TRANSPLANTS)

totem-on-the-timeline.mp3 (THE KLAXONS)

01-genesis.mp3 (JUSTICE)

04-for-reverend-green.mp3 (ANIMAL COLLECTIVE)

01-french-disko-stereolab-cover.mp3 (EDITORS DOING A STEREOLAB COVER)

04-exit-music-for-a-film.mp3 (VAMPIRE WEEKEND CONVERING RADIOHEAD)

10-cold-hands.mp3 (THE BLACK LIPS)

03-kelsey.mp3 (METRO STATION)

’cause your my fellow my guy

You know how much I love cover songs. I especially am in love with this cover of Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good” done by the Arctic Monkeys. It’s way better than anything the AM have done.

Also, Echo & the Bunnymen do a monotone cover of “All You Need is Love“.

I heart Mark Ronson

Uuuummm, I am kind of embarassed that I am obsessed with the new Mark Ronson album, Version. He is a producer/DJ and he made this album basically to brag about all his famous friends. He’s kind of like DJ AM, minus the gastric bypass. He produced this album of indie rock covers, all featuring some pretty notable people. I’m not gonna lie, it’s all I’ve been listening to. His first compilation, Here Comes the Fuzz, is pretty good too. Here’s my favorite tracks.





Another bonus? He’s pretty smokin’ hot. Although he moved fron London when he was like three, so what’s with the accent?

Song(s) of the Day

I’m now hosting music right on my blog server! This should make it easier for you to get. Just right-click-and-save-as.

Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley) featuring Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie) and Conor Oberst (of Bright Eyes) covers The Traveling Wilburys’ “Handle With Care“. What an indiie supergroup! My head is spinning! (the streaming audio should be working now)

Brand New, “Flying at Tree Level

Feeling some 90s nostalgia- Sneaker Pimps, “Low Place Like Home