just ’cause

Some random good songs.

the-strokes-new-york-city-cops.mp3 (The Strokes b-side)

05-tropicana.mp3 (Ratatat)

tell-me-this-night-is-over.mp3 (The Ark)

08-make-your-own-kind-of-music.mp3 (for all Lost fans)

2-06-strawberry-fields-forever.mp3 (the only good song from Across the Universe)

02-i-want-to-hold-your-hand.mp3 (another one)

06-going-to-pasalacqua.mp3 (one of my favorite Green Day Songs)

08-jar-jason-andrew-relva.mp3 (Green Day)

songs of the day

cobra-starship-guilty-pleasure.mp3 [COBRA STARSHIP][It’s from their upcoming album. I likes it.]

08-glamorous-indie-rock-roll.mp3 [THE KILLERS][This was not on either of their albums, but it should be. Despite Brandon Flowers douchiness, he’s got one hellavuh voice.]

06-im-a-vampire.mp3 [FUTURE BIBLE HEROES][This song is kinda wtf. But eerily good.]