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2 new good videos from 2 of my faves.

Bloc Party, “Hunting for Witches”; it’s your basic performance video, but they are so fucking cool who cares.

Fall Out Boy, I think their cutesy videos are making them a little bit Good Charlotte-esque, but the song is damn catchy.

The Cribs, “Men’s Needs” I just mentioned their album earlier, and the video is pretty sweet. I think it was banned in some countries. I play the woman in it.


Beat It

Just when Fall Out Boy was starting to irk me, they go and do a cool cover of “Beat It”. Sears, why does Pete Wentz get all the glory?

Fall Out Boy in Spin

Surprise, surprise, Fall Out Boy are on the cover of the March issue of Spin. Their album is #1 I believe (Andrew, correct me if I am wrong).

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The whole schtick is really tiring. Gee, I am glad to see Pete Wentz isn’t hogging all the attention. Is it just me, or was the pink star strategically placed over Patrick Stump’s midsection? The other guys look bored.

Even more annoying is that I really enjoy the new album.

Infinity on High

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[FALL OUT BOY; Infinity on High] [Multiply] [yousendit]

I guess it was inevitible that I was going to post the new Fall Out Boy album. Now, hear me out. It’s a good pop-rock album. That’s right. I said pop. A lot of the people that wouldn’t even give them the time of day probably compare them to punk bands, but that’s unfair. They write very good radio-friendly tunes. And that’s okay. This album has no surprises, it sounds pretty much like their last album. The one annoying song is “Thriller”, where Jay-Z does a rap intro. You heard me right. It’s also about their rise to fame and the perils of being famous. I hate that. The recognition of thefame is the jump the shark moment. Their video also mocks their fame. Get over it and just make music.

In the multiply playlist, I’ve also included other songs from past albums that, if you have an open mind, you may realize that they are pretty catchy. I also think Patrick Stump has a pretty good voice.

Of All the Gin Joints in All the World   From Under the Cork Tree   Fall Out Boy   Download
Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner   From Under the Cork Tree   Fall Out Boy   Download
I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mou   From Under the Cork Tree   Fall Out Boy   Download
Grand Theft Autumn   Take This To Your Grave   Fall Out Boy   Download
Grenade Jumper   Take This To Your Grave   Fall Out Boy   Download
Chicago Is So Two Years Ago   Take This To Your Grave   Fall Out Boy   Download
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose (But I’m Gonna Give It My Best Shot)   Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out With Your Girl   Fall Out Boy   Download

Judge if you will, I enjoy some Fall Out Boy now and then and I am not ashamed.