It’s like Sophie’s Choice

I’ve been asked to pick two of my favorite songs to contribute to a compilation cd of all my coworkers’ favorite songs. Cute, right? However, the decision has been giving me heart palpitations. I’ve settled on these, but I am sure to change my mind once the whole thing goes to press.

Erasure; “A Little Respect”

Nada Surf; “Bad Best Friend”

Great, I’ve already changed my mind.


she only __s when she’s on top

I’ve compiled many of my favorite cover songs. My current favorites: Matt Nathanson covers James’ “Laid”. Deadsy’s “Fox on the Run” and Giant Drag’s “God Only Knows”.

All you need is….good credit?

Oh my god. How could I not know that the cover of “All You Need is Love” on the Chase bank commercials is performed by Nada Surf? How could I not recognize probably my favorite band in the whole world?

On the one hand, it sounds amazing, almost as good as the original. On the other hand, they made a song for a fucking credit card company! And the ad is basically saying you can use your credit card to buy love! I don’t know how I feel about them contributing to this. Not like I a, going to stop buying their albums or anything.


“Oh my god, you have to listen to the Shins. They will change your life.” – Nat Port in Garden State. Ugh.

The Shins; “New Slang

I would move to the West Coast simply because of this song.

Everclear; “Santa Monica

Nada Surf can make anything sound great. Matthew Caws has one of the greatest voices in indie rock.

Nada Surf covers “If You Leave

With your feet in the air and your head on the ground try this trick and spin it

“Where is my Mind?” is definately one of my favorite Pixies songs, not to mention one of the best songs ever. If you don’t know the Pixies, you are living under a rock, but many may be familiar with the song because it was used in the trailer and in the last scene of Fight Club. Two of my very very favorite bands have done covers of the song, and it is actually hard to say which version is the best, even when compared to the original. Anyhow, they are essential to everyone’s ipod.

Original by the Pixies

Nada Surf version

Placebo version


I’m on about 400 different band email lists, but I got a weird one from Nada Surf today. Apparently they recorded some instructional videos on how to play their songs. Um, ok. Thanks?

How to play “Fruit Fly”
How to play “The Way You Wear Your Head”
How to play “Blizzard of ’77”

This made me realize that I haven’t seen the video for “Popular” in ages. It’s amazing. In that lame, early-90s way. Although they never play it live, and don’t ever plan to. Remember the days when bands “acted” in their own music videos?