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Jeez, who isn’t a blogger? matthew Caws of nada Surf has a blog. It’s only slightly more interesting than mine.

Death From Above 1979 will release a remix album. What is this, NKOTB- Games?

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Oh my heavens. The Strokes release their new one, First Impressions of Earth on January 3. Seriously, the Strokes changed my life. And I am not just saying that. i was at a crossroads with my music tastes in early 2001. I had just come out of my college feminist music stage (Tori Amos, Sarah McLaughlin, Dar Williams on a constant rotation) and had played the shit out of my Weezer Green Album. My mother, of all people, saved an issue of New York magazine for me because it talked about up and coming bands. The Strokes were featured, and I later bought the album. yes folks, my mother is responsible for introducing me to the Strokes. Anyway, it made me realize that music didn’t need to be on a major label to be good, and thus my indie music fury was born. I will be looking at no other website than this one for the rest of my life. One of my best memories is seeing them at the 9:30 Club sometime in September 2001. Sigh.
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The Arctic Monkeys are so hyped I am already over them but then came full circle and now love them.

Why oh why have they folled everyone? Doesn’t everyone see that the Fiery Furnaces are absolute crap?

I am kind of embarassed…I am usung Napster for a free trial and so far all I have been listening to is this. I can’t help it! Btw, does anyone know of a list of songs played on the episodes? The Shotime page used to have it, but now it just has lame pictures (and by lame I mean hot).

i need some brain damage and i need it fast

So I think postinf some things that are keeping me from killing myself will be a regular feature on this thing here.

Today’s suicide-repelants:

1. Watching Justin Theroux on Season 4 of Six Feet Under. I know he doesn’t last, but day-um. (btw, I just watched David being terrorized by the hitchhiker for about 40 minutes. W.T.F.)

2. Hearing Nada Surf on the Majority Report.

3. Seeing cute kitties at the Humane Society.

4. November 18 is not that far away.
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5. David Cross’ “Wear Your Own Fur” campaign.

getting spacier than an astronaut

I am listening to my top-rated songs, and I realized a lot of the tracks are covers. Here are some of my favorites:

Your Love– Midtown covers The Outfield
Cruel to Be Kind– The New Pornographers cover the oldie (also done by letters to Cleo)
Where is My Mind – Nada Surf covers The Pixies (and almost do a better job!)
Word Up – Korn covers Cameo (word up indeed)
Bizarre Love Triangle – Stabbing Westward covers….I fogot who did this originally
Come Sail Away – Me First and the Gimme Gimmes cover the 70s song
Complicated – Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab) covers Avril Lavigne. One of the best covers ever.
Call Me – I Am The World Trade Center Cover Blondie

Yesterday I went to Northampton to see a Rilo Kiley and Nada Surf show. It was so lovely seeing live music once again. I even had my own indie rock boy toy as an accesory (aka Brandon). However, we did realize that we are getting older because:
-Our feet were killing us from standing- why aren’t there more seats at shows?
-The show was loud, but not in a good way- the soundboard did a poor job of mixing the bass/vocals
-Encores are annoying- we know you’re coming back out, so why not just play through so we can all get home by our bedtime?

Yikes, I’m almost middle aged. Soon I am going to be buying 3 albums a year, one of them being U2 or Rob Thomas. If you see that happening, but me out of my misery.

It’s no secret that I love animated gifs. Especially when they show Tom Cruise acting like just like me.