This week

I got the new Bjork album. I think that I kind of hate her.
Everyone Needs Fat Friends?. Well, obviously.
Julia Stiles To Star in Happy Version of Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’! I mean, how can you even begin to live up to The Prince and Me?
Andy Coop has to wear boxers in the shower.
Pitchfork finally proves that they no longer care about the music. They give the Fratellis, Rakes and Idlewild lower scores that the Arctic Monkeys. And the Veils didn’t do so hot either. Are they crazy?
The Raconteurs get to work on new album Hey, finally.
New Beirut Video – “Elephant Gun”
People magazine makes us regular people feel fantastic. The 50 most beautiful people. How boring! I used to luuuurve this issue when I was a kid. Wentworth Miller looks positively scary. And Pete Wentz? What the?
Got the new Shout Out Louds album. Gooooooo Sweden!

she only __s when she’s on top

I’ve compiled many of my favorite cover songs. My current favorites: Matt Nathanson covers James’ “Laid”. Deadsy’s “Fox on the Run” and Giant Drag’s “God Only Knows”.

so true

Here is a year end list I like…the 25 most disappointing albums. I gotta agree.

14. The Raconteurs – Broken Boy Soldier I’m sure a few people will disagree with this record being on the list, but be honest with yourself, what would you rather have: this mediocre seventies rock record or a new White Stripes album? If you didn’t say the later, you’re retarded……

4. The Fiery Furnaces – Bitter Tea Shit tea…….


Apparently no one ever informed me, but Jack White (i.e., my husband, from the bands the White Stripes and the Raconteurs for those of you living in a cave) wrote and sings a jingle for Coke. Would I consider this selling out? Maybe. Artists do get paid for their work. But to get paid for pushing a corrupt capitalist venture? Hmmm. However, the song is pretty good and the video is pretty hot. Except that it is a rip off of “Hardest Button to Button.” I wish that a musician I respect wasn’t using his talents for Coke, but if it does make people appreciate something that is out of the mainstream, then maybe that’s good? I think I am just making excuses though.

i love the internets

The new Apple store in Manhattan looks tight.

I didn’t know that this had a name or that others suffered from it: hypnotic jerks. I’m not alone!

Tonight on 60 minutes: the elephant orphanage.

More about High School Musical. You know you love it. You know you check zacaholic 30 times a day.

This lucky ass got to see the Raconteurs at Irving Plaza.

Jesus walked on ice, not water, scientists say.

Science examines animal suffering.