mini update

Hi, I am wondering if I lost any readers that I initially had. I updated my best of 2008 album list. It was very painful. This is the year that I think I am too old to keep up with the latest music. I was waiting for this to happen. It takes a very intentional effort on my part, and I am not sure if it is worth my effort. Maybe the top ten I listed were very good, but I don’t have the emotional connection to these albums that I used to have to music that I love. After that, all the albums listed I guess were good, but really some of them I listened to two or three times and probably won’t go back. I also heard several debut albums from some bands that were decent, but I am not even sure if I would ever hear another release from them again. Buzz bands seem to come and go, and it’s like a subconsciously don’t want to commit.

Furthermore, it seems like every band I had previously loved released something this year so far, and I was utterly let down.

  • I don’t think I can call Nada Surf my favorite band; The Proximity Effect and Let Go were positively genius, the two releases after that, including this year’s Lucky, were so boring I gave it one listen and then tossed it aside.
  • The Music’s self-titled debut slated them as the next Led Zeppelin, but the two albums since that have been postively mediocre.
  • The Raconteurs: I’m actually eh about it, I actually prefer a White Stripes album. I hope another comes out soon.
  • I can’t believe the Dandy Warhols are still releasing albums, they should have quit in the late 90s when they were actually good.
  • Mudhoney, a legendary grunge band that paved the way for Soundgarden and Nirvana, released an album this year and no one blinked. It sounded the same as everything that do, but in the context it seemed awkward. The music scene is not what it used to be.
  • Death Cab for Cutie has been spewing out albums as fast as the CW is spwewing out teen shows to feature them, in my opinion, 1999’s “Photos in an Exhibition” were their peak.
  • Phantom Planet hit their peak with The Guest- did anyone even realize there hase been 2 albums since then? Not even worth it.
  • Yea, Weezer “reunited” and released another album. I don’t know how Rivers Cuomo can sleep at night knowing the mediocrity he produces. Nothing great since the Green album, and that’s even debatable.
  • The Stills new album? They were totally phoning it in.

Well, there’s still two months and maybe everything that comes out will wow me. We’ll see.

Now, time to get a but more positive:

  • The Black Kids album is positively infectious. Nothing too deep, just tunes that stay in your head.
  • Before this, I just couldn’t get into the Magnetic Fields, but Distorition totally wowed me. I even gave their previous stuff another chance, but for some reason this album is the only one that appealed to me.
  • Sons and Daughers: it seems this is one of the few bands left whose albums get progressively better.
  • Santogols is a poor man’s MIA, but still pretty good.
  • The Subways play it loud and fast. That hooks me every time.
  • The Teenagers were a wild card. Lots of talking and weird Frenchness.
  • Annie: better than most of the pop music out there. Will she ever gain mainstream popularity: I’d trade Duffy, Katy Perry and Danity Kane for her.
  • Calexico’s albums all sound exactly the same to me, but if works, don’t try to fix it.

I blame my incessant watching of VH1 Classic for my cynicism about music. I reminds me of all the awesome bands of the bast: Jesus & Mary Chain, Motley Cru, The Cult, Faith No More and how nothing compares.


Lazy bloggers post

From here.

OMFG! I just opened mine eyes, and lo! I have not updated this since people stopped clapping and Tinkerbell died… You would not believe how hard it is being waited on hand and foot and generally lounging around. Seriously!.

I am flat out with work, driving from one end of the city to the other, just generally being the life of the party to my cats, my day is full to bursting from 8am to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am avoiding recapture. I need some perspective.

I swear on my mother’s grave that when the weather turns bad, I will blog more often. Honestly! Don’t hold your breath though, you’re likely to turn blue..

This abuse makes me ill.

I’ve gone on record saying that horses scare the bejeezus out of me, but this is such a gross display of disregard for animals I’ve heard about in a long time. Maybe the euthenasia was what was best for the moment, but WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU USING HORSES for entertainment to begin with? Animals are not put here for the sole purpose of entertaining us and making money for us. And if I read anything lauding this horse as a hero for the game, I’m gonna go postal.

I feel like joining the ALF toute suite.

Weight Watchers- Week 3

Sorry to tease! There will be no week 3. I followed the program this week (I almost said “I was good this week” and then I had to correct myself. See how easy it is to get sucked into that?) but I didn’t have time to get over to a meeting. I wonder what will happen next week? Will we talk about the evils of the ciabatta bread?

Well, I’m a frakkin’ idiot.

I thought the BSG premiere was on at ten, and apparently it was on at nine. So from nine to ten I was walking around my house vacuuming up cat hair when I could have been, oh, I don’t know, WATCHING THE DAMN PREMIER??? I think it will repeat sometime this week. Dammit!

EDIT: Sci fi had the whole show online.

Anders as a vipor pilot? Do me!

The president is back to being a pissypants.

Love how Baltar was just aquitted from being on trial for genocide and he is all judgemental about the Baltarcult’s living quarters. That’s so like Gaius!

Glad someone actually remembered Zack Adama.

Lee is just going to work for the government? Was there an interview process? Did he submit a resume? You would think that the government was kind of in shambles right now considering all that’s happened. But no, the beauracratic positions are still in tact. I am sure the ship has an IRS on board.

Weight Watchers Week 2

Unfortunately, a lot of the people that were there last time were here this time, but a whole bevvy of annoying people showed up for this meeting. The theme this week was traffic lights, or something. I got there late. We were talking about yellow and red light foods, which I guess means foods that people have to be careful about. So it became a free for all of people shouting out their “bad foods”. Soon people were calling out, “meat!” “pasta!” “girl scout cookies!” “saltines!” “salted nuts!” and salivating and moaning, practically. I’m not sure what this was to accomplish except that we were all thinking about these foods when we left the meeting.

There is a girl in high school there, and she always has to talk for fucking 15 minutes. Someone needs to take her to speech therapy meeting to stop her from saying like avery other word. Apparently, there was some sort of international food fair at her school and she like really really wanted the indian food cuz like it smelled soooooo good, but she was all, I don’t want to eat this but like what should I eat? so she had a fruit salad. The rest of the meeting clapped for her like she cured cancer.

There was girl there who looked about ten years old. I am not going to pass judgement on this girl’s family. Oh but wait, I am. Maybe this was a last resort for them? She seemed to be there with a sister, not a parent. For younger children, I feel like putting them on a point system at that age is fucked up. If she is not eating right, then the family needs to make a change and they all should eat healthier in general and get her involved in physical activities before making her an obsessive point-counter. To make it worse, our leader singled her out and have her a whole bunch of star stickers (which are reserved for when you lose a certain number of lbs- see what I have to look forward to? A fucking star sticker) and told her to giver herself one “everytime she did something good”. She looked mor.ti.fied.

There also seems to be a father and his teenage daughter that attend together, which is not something you expect. They were in front of me at the weigh-in, and after she went, he asked her “how did it go?” (in front of everyone else, mind you) and she looked really upset and said “not so great” and he replied “well, I guess you’ll have to be good this week”. I am getting really irritated by all this “good” and “bad” talk.

I really really wanted to bring breakfast with me to the meeting because it’s pretty early and I was heading right into the city after that, but I was reluctant to because I didn’t want people to judge what I was eating, or worse, ask me how many points it was. Then again, I would like to come in with an egg McMuffin or donuts at the next meeting just to see what people say.

Apparently next week we are going to talk about “trigger feelings”, which I guess means the emotions we feel that make us want to eat. Do you think I should offer up “the fear of dying alone?” as one of them?

Gawker schmawker

I can’t help but be perterbed. I think Gawker got a scoop from my blog about a posted item. Ok, that’s cool, but maybe give me a little credit? I posted this the other day, and some of the reader discussion identified who the actress was, and then this pops up on Gawker. Coincidence? Maybe. But I don’t think this was huge news going all around the internet. Thankfully someone posted a link in the comments to The DB, which helped my stats. I shouldn’t be grumpy about it, I keep telling myself that I write the DB for me, but I would jump at the chance to have it linked from somewhere like Gawker to get more readership. Because that is what keeps me motivated to keep writing it, if I know lots are reading. Grumble grumble.

Oh, I also realized that every episode of South Park ever can be watched for free off the official site.  I’m never leaving my house again. Also, matt Stone is my new husband.