Went to my first SF Pride today, and promptly left early. It was the most crowdest event I have ever been with. Really, I was mostly into the parade, which was over three hours long. No joke. I think everyone and their mother marched in the parade, so who the hell was left to watch it? I totally have a newfound crush on Gavin Newsom now that I’ve seen him in person. Also newsflash: Margaraet Cho looks like shit lately. And, apparently, Cyndi Lauper makes her money by making appearances at Pride festivals around the country.

I am really wondering what kind of statement for Price walking around in the nude has. I mean, sure, it’s about expressing your sexuality and loving your body I suppose, but that is so not necessary. I’m talking about both men and women. Call me old fashioned. Go ahead.

only in berkeley

It’s a random anti-war protest. This is more of the stuff I want to see randomly on the streets, not the faux-homeless kids with the expensive sneakers. Across the street at the same time, someone got into a fight and bled over the sidewalk. Love it here!

I’m comiced out.

Today at Comic Con was a little bit mellower than yesterday. Oh, um except or the that fact that I MET MISS BEADLE FROM LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE. Why the hell was she even there? She was at the sad autograph booths, which was akward when no one was at someone’s table. I kind of felt bad for them. She was sitting next to the red power ranger. I actually went over and chatted with her, and she was just as nice as Miss Beadle would have been!!!

They were also running movie trailers on a loop for hours which is my idea of heaven. No movies, just trailers.

Oh, ok I GUESS I’ll watch the Oscars tonight. Although I am not excited, I am not really feeling any of the stuff nominated.


Well, what an adventure! Getting off the BART, I so could so tell who was going and who was not. No judgement though!

I was really mad that I didn’t come in costume. Maybe tomorrow when I go I will go naked, spray paint my body blue, and go as Mystique. Just a thought. Although I couldn’t tell who half the people were supposed to be.

Big bumblebees?

Creepy blue ninjas who hung out in a corner?

Creepy Cosplay Couple?

The Star Wars people were off the hook.

That group at the full on imperial guard, other people in unform, the senators, etc. Other cool costumes? A group dressed like the Torchwood gang. Although if they were not together, you couldn’t tell. Tons of goth girls dressed like Emily the Strange. Surprise, surprise.

And the celebs! Squee!

David Duchovny on the jumbotron:

John Cho talking about the new Harold and Kumar movie (showed some clips, looks awesome. Commence intense crush on John Cho. Notice the magical glow around his aura).

Then there was the “celeb” area of the exhibition room that I couldn’t go near because it was just too painful…Lou Ferrgno, The original Hulk was totally hamming it up.

As I was walking by to find the restroom, I made eye contact with some guy at his booth who apparently used to be a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger, and when we looked at each other, I saw the look of pure deperation and longing to hold on to those couple of episodes ten years ago. Yeesh.

I was outside taking a smoke break down on some steps leading down to a service entrance and who plops down next to me but Peter Mayhew (the original Chewbacca), who to tell you the truth, does not look good. I was dying to ask if he is making a living off being Chewbacca all these years and relying on these appearances. I mean, who am I to judge? I’d probably do the same thing.

What else? Took a lot of willpower not to by tons of stuff. There were action figures I had no idea were even action figures.

Adventures in San Francisco: 924 Gilman

Adventures in San Fran: 924 Gilman


Fir those of you not in the know, 924 Gilman is a venue where a lot of the Northern California punk movement formed. It was started as an all-ages venue, kind of equivalent to the DC straight-edge scene. Operation Ivy first played there and created their following. I had always been meaning to check it out, at least see it, and I unintentionally went past it on the way home from Target (!). I mean, it is a run down building, but has a lot of history. I don’t know what it was like 20 years ago in the height of its heyday, but let’s just say that it is right down the street from a Walgreen’s and a Chipotle, and I doubt that was there in 1987. (You can check out the street view) Is any city pure anymore? Or has it all become a gentrified, Sex and the City-ized version of itself? What cities even have a “scene” anymore? Meaning of the important kind? The East Village is basically one big Hot Topic, Haight-Ashbury is home to tourists, and Adams Morgan is basically a weekend playground for the surbanites. Don’t even get me started on Columbia Heights! And, with the way technology has influenced music, barely any city has a music scene, because no one scopes out loacal bands anymore. Local bands don’t build a following in their towns, they puke up an obnoxious myspace profile and suburban kids in New Jersey write the band names on their Chuck Taylors.

So anyway, yea, I finally saw it. Don’t know if I’d go to a show there. I may get mistaken as someone’s mother.

adventures in San Francisco: Santa Cruz

I spent the weekend in Santa Cruz. Well, not really in SF, but nearby. Santa Cruz was another place I had considered moving and I’m glad I didn’t, because it really didn’t do it for me. Something about the rude skateboarding kids and the strategically placed Urban Outfitters rubbed me the wrong way. The beach and the boardwalk are a lil fun, and it totally reminded me of The Lost Boys. You know, where they hang out and listen to oiled-up guys play the sax. You know what I’m talking about. Turns out it was filmed there.

adventures in San Fran: Folsom Street Fair

Thanks for all your inquiries about how I enjoyed the Folsom Street Fair. I appreciate your interest/comcern. Let me just say…hhhmmmph. I am all for expressing one’s sexuality, celebrating a subculture, but really, was being buck naked and touching yourself while at a street fair really necessary? Is that really empowering you? I think I saw more cocks today than a eurologist sees in a year. I do not and will never understand the whole bondage/humiliation thing, so obviously this was not geared towards my interests.

So why did I go? To see two of my very favorite bands. Imperial Teen was fantastic, and were all “by the way, we’re gay.” You know that skit that Chris Farley used to do when he awkwardly interviewed celebs? I totally felt like that when I saw Roddy Bottum (yes his realy name) and wanted to be all “‘Member when you were in Faith No More? That was awesome.”

Ok, I also didn’t realize that Ladytron weren’t actually performing, but that it was their DJ tour. Meaning they DJ for the crowd. DJing for the crowd isn’t what it used to be, which considered some talent. The band member with the pompadour, the one with the porn mustache and the girl with the I-just-smelled-shit look on her face got up on stage and played some songs of their laptops while drinking beers, wearing ironic thrift store clothing and looking bored. WTF? It really made me hate them a little bit, and made me rethink their genius.


It’s a busy week, because I am seeing Girl Talk tomorrow. Not sure what that is going to be like.