Things that annoy be about the show Lost

I’m back to blogging, thanks for some inspiration from The Chris Show. My goal is to do a list per day.

Today: Things that annoy me about the show Lost.

1. There are still supposedly like 40 or so survivors, ann they are all just extras. Are we supposed to think that all that matters is the lead characters? No one wants to step up to0 them and tell them to stop hogging the spotlight?

2. They are always able to track someone through the jungle based on if one leaf is out of place or something. They’s been stomping around for weeks, you don’t think it could be an old set of tracks?

3. Kate has like a billion tank tops.

4. No one complains about their period. Can you imagine your time of the month on a hot beach with no bathroom?

5. Kate chooses Jack over Sawyer? Have you SEEN Sawyer?


It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia

Sometimes I feel like there are shows on that are made specifically for me and me only, as in I can never find anyone else that watches it, much less hears of it. Take IASIP for example, I feel like John and I are the only people that watch it. Someone did once, and they didn’t watch it because “everyone was always yelling all the time.” Um…that’s the point!

I have to say, although it’s even more over the top than seasons 1 and 2, there is something about this show that totally speaks to me. And I am being serious. Think Arrested Development but on crack. Think lots of purposefully offensive storylines and remarks, unlikely scenarios, and people talking over each other all the time, and you’ve got this. A total Jem in my eyes. Oh, and also throw in my kind of off not-so-mainstream attractiveness, and I’m a fan for life.

since I’ve been gone

Well, lots happened since I last updated. Personally, well I won’t get into much personally, but I did get a promotion and am moving to Oakland. Exciting! I will live in an adult apartment away from students.

  • I saw The Dark Knight and was very underwhelmed. Let the hate begin.
  • I have cared 0% percent about the elections. Let the hating begin.
  • I watched Dexter Season 2 and was totally sucked in. How good is a show that makes you side with the serial killer? The suspense was good, not cheesy, and we saw a “human” side of Dexter. Michael C. Hall needs 20 Emmy Awards.
  • Starting watching Skins on BBC America, and it’s touch and go for me.
  • Along with The Dairi Burger, started a Little House on the Prairie blog, because I can’t get enough of blogs.
  • Started writing about The Hills for; that show is so fun to hate.
  • Read a ton, but more about that later.

In my new place, if I lean out my balcony, I can see a palm tree. Barely. Now I really feel like I am living in California.

Human Giant


I am totally late for getting on this bandwagon but sometimes I am wary of sketch comedy. And, to pull this one: I knew about these performers back in the day when they were mere improv performers at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater in nyc. And pretty fucking good. (Respecto Montalban are my heroes.) Plus Rob Huebel is totally my husband. Unfortunately, he now dies his hair brown but as a true fan I know he is really a total silver fox. Plus, there was a time I was sitting in the front row and he was wearing a speedo for a skit. I digress.

Some of it seems forced, but some skits are freaking hilarious. Especially the parody of the three alien bad guys from Superman Three. Oh, and Shutterbugs. Oh, and the indie rock promoter.

Weeds S3

I loved the first season of Weeds, I was lukewarm about season 2, but season 3 really has lost me. In the beginning, I felt it was a smart commentary on upper-class suburban life and a mother trying to provide for her children. By season 3, it’s turned into an over-the-top, cops and robbers mess of a show. There is a new zany plot twist every second. Mary Louise Parker, who is on her own awesome, was charming and cute without trying. Now it’s like she knows it and she has to do something “adorable” all the time. I remember she once saud that she wanted a job that would help her maintain her lifestyle, but if she is so much in debt now, maybe she can sell one of her many designer outfits? Her Chloe handbag must be worth at least $2500. The whole think with Zooey Daschanel and her Alaskan bounty hunter boyfriend was the jump the shark point for me.


catching up on The Office

I said I was over it, but thanks to Hulu, I’ve caught up on all of season 4 of The Office. You all know I was against this show from the start, but then it won me over, and now I know there is a reason that the British version stopped after 2 seasons: to go out while it was still good. I think this version has gone past all the good it could do and is teetering on the edge of going downhill.

-Jim and Pam: I hate to use the cliche, but it’s Ross and Rachel syndrome; yes it was good to see the tension with the attraction, but now that they are together there’s something not quite there for me. Kudos to the writers for not making them all lovey dovey all the time and talking about their relationship in the office, but it really doesn’t do it for me. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Karen was the better choice! Now in this last season they had to introduce the idea that there is going to be an engagement. WHAT THE FUCK. That just turned it into Grey’s Ananatomy for me. Why does everything have to be wedding-as-happy-ending centered?

-At the beginning Dwight was the most cliched, annoying character, but Rainn Wilson has done a good job with the character and over the seasons I have found Dwight to be actually quite endearing (I need to support a fellow Battlestar Galactica fan). I actually liked him and Angela together and I actually do feel for him over the breakup. I would totally stay at his beet farm getaway.

-Andy has been surprisingly subdued this season. Maybe scaling him back had to do with viewer response? I do miss his bursting into song from his Here Comes Treble days.

-I always thought the Michael Scott character was way over the top, but it has become beyond ridiculous and really hard to watch. Yes, it’s a fictional show, but I can’t get over the fact that he has not been fired yet for all the bullshit that goes on. Sure, the staff hate him, but how have they not rioted against him yet? That business with the Utica branch? Yeesh. That was hard to watch. The dinner party episode was very unwatchable for me (trying to hard, writers). And when did Jan go from a respected business woman to a shrill crazy psycho bitch? Thanks for committing to strong female characters there.

-Ryan as the boss? Hmmmm, not sure where this is going, but we shall see.