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Wow! Someone else is also bothered that Bad Brains are doing promos on MTV. Okay, it’s not just me. None of the kids watching even gets the relevance or the awesomeness…but then again, no one FORCED Band Brains to do it. Yes, maybe they need the paycheck to be able to start making music again, but isn’t being on MTV against absolutely everything they stand for?

Thank god the writer’s strike is over! It looks like Battlestar will have a complete season. Seriously, thank god. I know I make fun of all those other fans of cancelled shows that send the producers all sorts of crap in the mail, but if this season did not get a proper run, you’d see me REALLY lose it. Oh, and the glorious third season (my favorite so far) is on dvd March 18.

My Little Pony is 25! There’s some sort of display going on in NYC. Hint hint for anyone that lives there to go and take pics for me. I read an article recently that claimed that the early ponies looked like ponies, and the more recent ones look like underage porn stars. You be the judge:




so say we all

Just an adendum to my thoughts of BSG:R: the dvd is worth renting/seeing. The extended version has some pretty kick-ass scenes not shown when it aired on tv, including a freking kick ass scene where young Adama battles an old skool Cylon in mid-air.

Also, Seth Rogan is GQ’s man of the year.

Also, I worship Alex Blagg.

Also, Lily Allen is way cool.


Also, Michael Trucco apparently just broke his neck in a car accident. WHAT?  I am a horrible person, because my first thought was, I hope this didn’t affect his hotness, and two, I hope this means they won’t write him off the show. In fact, they could incorporate it- maybe getting into an accident because he was flying his viper under the unfluence. Just sayin’. Oh, and for those of you wondering, that was the first time I was on that forum. Those fans are even a little too much for me.

All this has happened before, and will happen again

Watched Battlestar Galactica: Razor last night. I was a little underwhelmed, but overall was giddy just to experience some new BSG stuff. This Kendra Shaw didn’t really do it for me. Her dead eyes and Angelina Jolie method of acting annoyed me. Although, we do get to see the crap that Admiral Cain pulled on Pegasus after the initial attack. Although is was supposed to take place within the BSG timeline, doncha think that she would have been mentioned in the other eps? I guess that’s the beauty of being a writer, you can really do whatever the hell you want.

Okay, I guess I got what I wished for- some gay characters on the show. Are you surprised that Admiral Cain is a lesbian? Number Six, you little mynx. However, is the betrayal the whole reason why Admiral Cain got completely fascist and ordered the killing and pillaging of the civillian fleets? Because she was a lover scorned? That is kind of what we are led to believe. Also, I wonder of this Number Six was ordered to seduce Admiral Cain to obtain access to the network, just like she was ordered to seduce Gaius Baltar to get access to the defense mainframe. If so, that irks me. Her main weapon is seduction, which really cheapens her character because she kicks ass in personality (and ok, usually looks fierce in her outfits).

Speaking of kicking ass, loved the centurions. And the talking to each other in Daft Punk-esque voices. Young Adama? Pretty hot. Weird old man hybrid? Pretty creepy. About Starbuck being the harbinger of death, that wasn’t really shocking information. Downsides: Michael Trucco in the credits, but where was Anders? Also, the only appearnace of Baltar is of him standing with a group of people looking pensive. I want more! [In the previews for Season Four, it seems that he has some sort of healing power. If one more show goes the X-Men, 4400, or Heroes rout, I’ll scream.]

List: Villains are misunderstood too! Part Two!

Check out Part 1

The Phantom, The Phantom of the Opera
Why people hate him: Okay, so he maybe killed some people in the process of haunting the opera house. Also, he is threatening the success of the operas and scaring the crap out of their precious lead soprano engeneue.
Why he’s misunderstood: he is forced to live in the dingy bowels of the opera house, and his only outlet is teaching Christine Daae to sing. She goes ahead and becomes a famous soprano and forgets about the Phantom and canoodles with that pretty boy, Raoul. He made her who she is! And he gets practically no thanks!

Gauis Baltar, Battlestar Galactica
Why people hate him: so maybe he was (indirectly) responsible for the near genocide of the human race, he canoodles with cylons, he is condescending and a womanizer, he won the presidential elections using questionable tactics
Why he is misunderstood: first of all, he actually didn’t realize that he was betraying the human race when he did it. He may also be the only one smart enought to find planet earth. Second of all, that condescing president Roslin has it out for him. He’s also the only one to know how to have fun on the fleet- so maybe that invludes manipulating people for his own benfit- but at LEAST he didn’t rig the election, like certain other candidates

Pzaz of the Misfits, Jem and the Holograms
Why people hate her: she is always trying to murder Jem and the Holograms
Why she is misunderstood: if you were always losing to that goody-two shoes Jem, wouldn’t that annoy you? Plus, the Misfits music is better, but everyone is so blinded by Jem’s over the top phialnthropy. Plus, her father is head of her record company and puts a lot of pressure on her.

Tess, Roswell
Why people hate her: she tricked Max into knocking her up so she could bring the alien baby back to her alien homeland.
Why she is misundertood: The other three hybrids were lucky enough to be adopted and assimilated into society, and she got stuck with a creepy shapeshifting father. Plus, in her alien home, she was a queen and married to Max, and on earth she has to play second fiddle to that mousy Liz parker. I’d be pissed too and try to get my alien friends to go back home too.

Taffy Sinclair, Taffy Sinclair series

Why people hate her: she was the first person in the fifth grade to have boobs, plus she’s apparently vain and always trying to steal Jana Morgan’s boyfriend.
Why she is misunderstood: Jana and her friends are super jealous and treat her like shit and always kept her out of their clique. She was only fighting fire with fire.