Adventures in San Francisco: 924 Gilman

Adventures in San Fran: 924 Gilman


Fir those of you not in the know, 924 Gilman is a venue where a lot of the Northern California punk movement formed. It was started as an all-ages venue, kind of equivalent to the DC straight-edge scene. Operation Ivy first played there and created their following. I had always been meaning to check it out, at least see it, and I unintentionally went past it on the way home from Target (!). I mean, it is a run down building, but has a lot of history. I don’t know what it was like 20 years ago in the height of its heyday, but let’s just say that it is right down the street from a Walgreen’s and a Chipotle, and I doubt that was there in 1987. (You can check out the street view) Is any city pure anymore? Or has it all become a gentrified, Sex and the City-ized version of itself? What cities even have a “scene” anymore? Meaning of the important kind? The East Village is basically one big Hot Topic, Haight-Ashbury is home to tourists, and Adams Morgan is basically a weekend playground for the surbanites. Don’t even get me started on Columbia Heights! And, with the way technology has influenced music, barely any city has a music scene, because no one scopes out loacal bands anymore. Local bands don’t build a following in their towns, they puke up an obnoxious myspace profile and suburban kids in New Jersey write the band names on their Chuck Taylors.

So anyway, yea, I finally saw it. Don’t know if I’d go to a show there. I may get mistaken as someone’s mother.


just some stuff for the Monday blues

Why I love my city. Not that it actually changes anything, but it does look fun.

Someone actually listened to me and is going to make Thank You For Smoking into a show. Could be good. Somehow I see Peter Krause in the lead.

Animal Collective performing on Conan. It’s kind of awkward.

If french-fry coated hot dogs exist in this world, then I still want to be a part of it.

Has anyone watched the Battlestar minisodes? I can’t believe I haven’t yet.